I Want my Coffee from the Red Cup

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Tens of millions of Americans start their day with a cup of coffee. Millions have another cup at lunch, and yet another one in the afternoon. Coffee has become a lifestyle; it is especially evident here in Seattle. I would be curious to count the amount coffee houses that operate in this city. With a high number of coffee suppliers comes a high standard for quality. In this town, people take quality seriously. Coffee market influences a lot of people; coffee houses create jobs here in the US and affect the economies abroad.

Red Cup Espresso in West Seattle is the perfect example of a progressive, sustainable coffee shop that sets the standard higher than the rest. As is expected, this compact and cozy coffee shop offers the full arsenal of drinks both to walk-in customers and via drive-through service. Red Cup periodically hosts local artists to display their art for sale. By doing so, Red Cup Espresso offers local artists an opportunity to expose their art, and make some income.

The coffee that we all drink obviously has the power to affect the lives of the people who grow it. People at Red Cup Espresso use a Spokane-based Roast House as their organic coffee supplier. Roast House practices a “farm to cup” philosophy, meaning that they establish true relationships with the farmers they buy coffee from. The wages that Roast House pays their farmers are higher than fair trade. Folks at the Roast House make it a point that love for coffee must positively affect all parties involved.

This wonderful resume could have been enough to make Red Cup Espresso something very special, but these guys are not content with “good,” they are after “excellent!” The owner of Red Cup, Eric Thomas, is also a founder of Solar Epiphany – an electrical contractor that develops and installs solar energy systems. Yes, electricity at Red Cup Espresso is powered by solar panels installed on the rooftop – genius.

Red Cup Espresso
4451 California Ave SW
West Seattle, WA

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About Rashid Gabdulhakov

Rashid Gabdulhakov is a man of many creative interests – cooking, poetry, photography, ceramics, and painting. Originally from Uzbekistan, Rashid first came to the States in 2003 and immediately fell in love with majestic Seattle. Rashid has a BA in Political Science from Whitworth University and is currently a student at the Seattle Culinary Academy. Rashid’s favorite activity is gathering friends around the table and feeding them traditional Uzbek and Russian dishes. Rashid’s dream is to open an Uzbek restaurant in Seattle and an American concept in Uzbekistan. www.uzbektricks.wordpress.com

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