The Obama Administration Gives Mixed Signals on GMO’s

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In 2009, Michelle Obama broke ground on the White House Garden, as reported at The garden was touted as being "organic". Yet, the same administration has stood behind big biotech business and their push to implant GMO's into almost every portion of the American diet. One has to wonder why the administration would have an organic garden "at home", while the rest of us must be subjected to genetically modified foods, without the benefit of food labels telling us so.

Big seed companies are likely to be some of the largest, and most rampant monopolies that the world has ever seen. In an almost surreal amount of non-transparency and lobbying, the biotech companies and politicians have touted a message tantamount to "we can feed the world".

Yet, anyone that has walked into a grocery store in the US knows that we have nothing near a food shortage. In fact, we have the opposite. Our culture has a problem with morbid obesity. Our culture does not have a problem with the quantity of food. Our culture has a problem getting quality food.

Sure, some of us go hungry for a variety of reasons - but they are not because of lack of "food". Notice that food is in quotations. This is because it is debatable that what we put into our bodies is, in fact, food. It's often heavily processed, refined and genetically modified "goop" that is formed into shapes reminiscent of unaltered food.

What our world does have is a problem with getting food from point a to point b. There is also a problem getting native people to be self sufficient after tragedies like floods, earthquakes and social reform. GMO companies use this as an opportunity to "give away" genetically modified seeds - which often get destroyed by the farmers that receive them because they do not want their native crops contaminated.

Michelle Obama understands the benefits of a healty organic garden, and one can hope that she shares this view with her husband, our President.

With promises of government transparency and a public cry to move away from big lobby groups, the President has made promises to the American people. This is one of those times in our history that our President has to put his money where his mouth is and put our health ahead of the greed of his cronies. Yes we can.

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