Smoking Organic Chicken

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Recently, my friends and I treated ourselves to some delicious, smoked and roasted organic chicken. My friend Laura bought this farm raised chicken from a family friend in Idaho; the best chicken I have had in years, I must mention. I would like to share a recipe with you on how to prepare a mean roasted chicken.

The Rub

There are thousands of varieties of rubs; every barbecue enthusiast masters their own secret. Personally, I love cumin above all spices, so I generously coated the chicken with cumin, sea salt, some cayenne, paprika and chili powder. Don’t forget to sprinkle some spices inside the chicken.

The Smoker

If you don’t posses a smoker, I would recommend buying one. You can always just roast your chicken in the oven, but smoking it for a while gives it an unforgettable flavor. I intensely smoked my chicken for two hours at about 200 degrees. In this amount of time the chicken gets just enough of the smoky flavor and can be finished in the oven. After the smoking, in the oven it went, 350 degrees, approximately one hour. The cooking time is, of course, subjective to the size of your chicken and the power of your oven. Temp your meat, make sure the internal temperature gets to at least 165 degrees, but don’t over cook it, dry chicken is boring.


I basted (brushed) my chicken with flavored butter. On a low heat in a sauté pan I melted some butter, added minced garlic and a couple branches of rosemary; low cook for 10 minutes and you will get an incredible basting butter.

After the chicken is done, cover it with foil and let rest for half an hour. Carve, serve, ENJOY! This was one epic dinner; I hope everyone can experience these flavors - a combination of rugged smoke and delicate garlic/rosemary aromas. Delicious.

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