Cannibalism – the Ultimate Slow Food?

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I jest - sort of. This morning, I was looking through the Huffington Post and came across the Andrew Zimmern blog. If you don't know it, Mr. Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. Andrew allows himself to be in what most of us would think are precarious food situations. But what is about to come is downright unusual...

Mr. Zimmern may have to eat a foreskin.

Yes, you read it correctly. Andrew is in Madagascar, at a ritual circumcision of a 5 year old boy. That is alarming enough to most westerners, but what happens next is even more so. It's a tradition for the paternal grandfather to eat the foreskin.

Now as a special guest, Andrew is worried about being asked to eat the foreskin and is in a bit of turmoil about what to do. He has vows of acceptance and to never be rude to his hosts, but this is possibly a bit over the line.

For the omnivores out there, it could be questioned that not eating perfectly good meat would be wasteful. But, does that include human meat? More specifically, five year old human foreskin meat?

On one hand, the thought is quite disturbing and might make even the strongest eater lose their lunch. Yet, on another hand, it is quite the sustainable thing to do....

Read Snip, Snip... Yum? Here.

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