The GMO Fight of the Year is On

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Organic alfalfa farmers and the Center for Food Safety are gearing up for their legal battle with the USDA regarding genetically engineered alfalfa.

In January, the USDA deregulated genetically modified alfalfa and sugar beets.

Elm Springs farmer and rancher, Pat Trask, is focused on stopping the planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa seed. Trask believes that the timing of the USDA's deregulation efforts coincided with the congressional holiday recess.

Feeling blindsided, the group is rallying their efforts to stop the spring planting of genetically modified alfalfa, as well as the genetically modified sugar beets.

The complaint among most organic farmers is that the genetically modified alfalfa will spread to their organic fields through natural pollination from wind, birds and insects. The problem being that it will yield uncontrollable ingestion by livestock, ending up in our food supply through contaminated meat and milk. has an article with additional details.

The Center for Food Safety's website has information regarding their efforts to fight these decisions and need donations to their legal fund at

One of the best ways to keep up with the GMO battles is to use Twitter - search the #gmo, #monsanto, #stopmonsanto and #organic hashtags to see what people are saying on the front.

Facebook also has a number of pages dedicated to organic food, farming and sustainability. Search for "organic" on Facebook or lookup "Millions against Monsanto".

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