Vigilante Consumerism: Is it time to take control?

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As reported at, a consumer group is prompting consumers to take GMO food labeling into their own hands. Tension between those that do not want GMO's on food shelves, or at the very least wish to have them labeled, and the USDA & FDA has been steadily on the rise. There is question to the USDA and FDA's transparency of corporate interests and consumers now have a tool to circumvent their alleged disregard for the public's right to choose.

The Millions Against Monsanto Truth-in-Labeling campaign has created a downloadable file that allows consumers to print labels that say "On No! Is it GMO?". The file can be printed on standard labels found at the office supply store. Consumers can then take matters into their own hands by labeling products at the store, after doing their best to ensure that products do contain GMO's. By using the Non-GMO Shopping Guide as a tool, consumers can do their part to not misrepresent a company's product. Alternatively, people can label their products at home if they are trying to get their family to understand which products contain genetically modified ingredients.

Stores can also use the labels to place on the products in their aisles. It may be a fairly hard sell to stores to segment their target audience and their beloved products. Will the process be fair and used on a wide variety of products or will certain manufacturer's have their products labeled and not others?

We are closely monitoring the interactions between consumers, stores and agencies in the GMO war. What is next for consumers to protect their right to choose? What will food producers or biotech firms do to retaliate? Will consumers use flash-mobs to mass-label food in stores? Will government agencies fight the response with words or legal action?

Read the article at

The stickers may be found at

The Non-GMO Shopping Guide can be found at

The USDA site can be found here.

The FDA site can be found here.

Monsanto, a leading GMO producer's site can be found here.

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