A different kind of dryer sheet

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One of my closest friends is a holistic health practitioner. She's a strong believer that people can lead healthy, pollutant-free lives. We've had numerous conversations where I always learn something new, but one of the most surprising things to come was a mention in passing that she uses Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets.

Until she told me, I didn't even know Seventh Generation made dryer sheets. Second of all, if she is using them, she's got a reason why. This got me thinking. And reading labels in the laundry aisle. The box of my usual dryer sheets had a lot of promotional stuff to say. Not a whole lot of info about the actual dryer sheets.

The package of Seventh Generation dryer sheets, on the other hand, gave me a lot more insight into the product. For example, they are made of natural paper and are unbleached, chlorine-free, and -- here is what really sold me -- compostable/recyclable after use (how cool is that?). They are also available either Free & Clear or lightly fragranced with blue eucalyptus and lavender. I like all of those things. I support all of those things. Consider me a convert!

It's funny, I have spent hours comparing and contrasting things like dish liquid and spray cleaners, but it never dawned on me to evaluate my dryer sheets. Thanks to my friend's random comment, however, I'll be looking more closely at the labels on more of my household products. Like my current dishwasher gel. . . I wonder what's in that?

Have you checked out your dryer sheets lately?

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