Consumers concerned by genetically modified foods, yet there they are

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Americans are being treated as guinea pigs through the dissemination of unlabeled genetically modified food ingredients. One might think that there are few of these in our food system, but that is the exact opposite of the truth.

GM seeds now provide much of the food that we eat in our daily lives. Soybeans, corn and cotton makes up a huge part of our diet and almost all of it is farmed using heavy pesticides and genetically modified seeds. Cottonseed oil makes up about 50% of cotton crops. It's not just for your t-shirts and socks.

What's left in our everyday diet that isn't genetically modified? Milk, meat and some sugar. Not for long. Soon, farmers will begin planting GM alfalfa and sugar beets. Sugar is made from sugar beets and is in almost all of our heavily processed food diet.

Genetically engineered alfalfa, which currently grows almost everywhere without the the use of genetic modification, will soon spread across the country thanks to recent USDA deregulation. Cows will invariably eat the alfalfa, making it nearly impossible to get milk and meat that has not been exposed to genetically engineered foods.

The Obama administration has pledge to give the American people a transparent government, yet some of the most persuasive lobby groups and biotech firms in the world are deeply entrenched within the USDA and FDA.

What can be done to stop the pervasive nature of biotech firms within our food system? If the average American does not want GM foods, then why do we need them? It certainly isn't to fight hunger (which is a PR point by biotech firms), as anyone that has shopped in one of our grocery stores knows that we have no such thing as a food shortage.

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