Gas Industry Tries to Get Movie Disqualified from Oscars

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Gasland, a film by Josh Fox is up for best documentary at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony. It has been reported that the natural gas industry asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to remove the eligibility of the film to win the award due to inaccuracies.

The film documents the Halliburton-developed technology called "fracking". This process uses hydraulic fracturing to unlock natural gas within the ground below.

The documentary demonstrates how contaminated drinking water that can be lit on fire in a Pennsylvania town near a drilling operation.

Energy in Depth (Twitter) is a pro-oil and natural gas organization that is working to debunk the claims of the movie Gasland through social media and other channels. According to the EID website, they are "America's natural gas and oil producers". They claim to be committed to safe and environmentally friendly development of domestic energy.

A recent tweet from Energy in Depth proclaims "E&E News Reports: EID - 1, @Gaslandmovie - 0 ... #justthefacts #hydrofracturing #academyawards"

The tweet links to a PDF on the EID website, which attempts to fight the facts of the Gasland movie one by one.

The Gasland director seems unphased by the Energy in Depth organization since, ironically, the actions by EID seem to be promoting the Gasland film to a wide audience.

The Gasland Facebook page has over 40,000 fans. Energy in Depth has approximately 330 fans on their Facebook page as of this writing.

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