Pure Organic Breast Milk Ice Cream? Premature Claim

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A few days ago, BBC News London did a report on London’s Covent Garden restaurant and its newest dessert called Baby Gaga – “free-ranged,” and “pure organic” breast milk ice cream!

One of the proud suppliers of breast milk is 35-year-old Victoria Hiley, who charges £15 per 10 ounces of her breast milk. Hiley is among 15 respondents to an ad posted by London’s ice cream master Matt O’Connor. O’Connor is pleased with his innovative dessert and considers it to be the most exciting thing that happened to ice cream in the past hundred years.

While the restaurant uses health checks, same as those used by hospitals to screen plasma donors, they did not specify any methods which would allow the restaurant to label this product as "pure organic". With this product on the market, the world of labeling is facing a new challenge. The milk donor’s diet will have to be examined to determine the intake of GMO’s or other unhealthy products.

While the novelty ice cream is deservedly ahead of it’s competitors innovation wise, it prematurely claims to be pure organic. We will keep following the story for further developments in the issue of organic labeling and breast milk products.



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