Bionic Leg may be a reality for a Cancer Survivor

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According to Reuters Hailey Daniswicz is 20 years old and undergoing the development process that will eventually give her a bionic leg.  The robotic prosthesis will be programmed to respond to the impulses sent by the nerves in her upper leg muscles.  Hailey lost her lower leg to bone cancer.  The research she is involved in involves having electrodes attached to the lower thigh that will pick up the impulses from her nerves.  These are attached to an avatar that exists in a program that is visible on a flat screen in front of her. 

This has been a learning process for Hailey, the scientists, and the computer avatar.  The first steps in the process were to teach the avatar to react to the messages Hailey’s nerves were sending.  The goal is to provide her with a powered leg that is fully capable of reacting to her mobility needs via her very own nerve endings; much in the same way that a full leg would perform.

By the end of the year scientists expect to have patients walking in a lab; Hailey will be one of the initial 4 participants in this breakthrough technology for lower limb amputees.

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