Habitat Protection for Leather back Sea Turtles

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The roughly 70, 000 square miles of Pacific ocean off the shores of Oregon, California, and Washington are named in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Oakland California.  This area of the Pacific ocean contains the feeding grounds for the sea turtles and conservation groups are working to protect them from industrial harm.

The animals travel from Indonesia where their nest reside across the Pacific ocean to feed in the waters off the Western United States.  Leather back sea turtles are an endangered species.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will be expanding the protection of these feeding grounds which are vital to this species survival.

The NOAA has been involved with the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by assisting in the sea turtles rescue efforts.  They are also involved in the ongoing investigations concerning the impact on marine life in the Gulf.

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One Comment to “Habitat Protection for Leather back Sea Turtles”

  1. joyfulsunrise says:

    Excellent, informative article. It should be posted wide and far. Even though this refers to a particular species / genus, this is happening to land turtles, as well. I have had 3 rescue Box Turtles, 3 of hundreds, rescued by concerned local herpitological society about 15 years ago from a development site. Once the machinery begins the excavation their shells are cracked, with undue suffering and death. ~~~~ readers , please pass this on ~thank you ~
    and thank you, Scott, for your concern ~

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