Monsanto Subsidiary Sued in Idaho

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P4 Production LLC, a Monsanto subsidiary has agreed to settle $1.4 million in penalties resulting from its violations of the Clean Water Act to the EPA.  P4 Production LLC controls and operates a mining and phosphate facility and has allegedly discharged waste water containing selenium and other heavy metals without a permit that greatly exceeded Idaho’s allowable limit for safe drinking water.

Monsanto uses the phosphate from their mining subsidiaries to manufacture their product ‘Roundup’, the powerful weed killer that has spawned a generation of produce that has been genetically engineered to resist the effects of ‘Roundup”; they are labeled ‘Roundup Ready’.  The waste water from the rock piles in the phosphate mine is leaching into surface ground water due to rainfall run-off and cyclical erosion.

Also, as a part of the agreement with the federal government P4 Production LLC will continue to monitor and mitigate any leaching or migration of the contaminated waste water.

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3 Comments to “Monsanto Subsidiary Sued in Idaho”

  1. Mozell Kleffner says:

    Funny, I’m actually following much of these tips already. I’m about 3 months now and I am doing everything to be as green as possible for my baby. I’m even still exercises to keep as strong as I can until I can’t do it anymore.

  2. Lynelle Scroggin says:

    Lorene…….wearing too much excessive stuff is not good, but wearing no deodorant is just plain stupid. those scents sell because they smell good, funk does not smell good. next, are we all gong to walk around naked? you have a point about the sterile minded people but that has to do with using antibiotics for everything. it has nothing to do with deodorants or sprays. do you guys just make up stuff.

    • Scott Humphrey says:

      If you stink not wearing deodorant might be a problem; mainly because of your diet. Deodorant has chemicals that are not good for you, and not everything leads down a slippery slope leading to us living like primitive humans. I do not wear deodorant and have no issues, in fact the human body gives off pheromones which are meant to attract the opposite sex. This is not made up, it is well documented science.

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