FBI, FDA, and the IRS Raid Natural Medicine Cabinet

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The FBI, FDA, and IRS have raided and potentially mired the business of Maxam Neutraceutics, a company that manufactures and produces natural medical treatments for Autism and Alzheimer’s.  Maxam Neutraceutrics has their base of operations in Hood River Oregon and markets a whole catalog of products labeled ‘dietary supplements’.  The issue with these federal organizations and Maxam Neutraceutrics was presented as a marketing violation, but they sent in 80 armed agents in full protective gear to ransack their headquarters.

The violations are specific to the marketing, in that Maxam Neutraceutics had used client testimonials on their website that explicated the value of the products, some of which being rubbed on the skin or nebulized.  The FDA is claiming those products were not in compliance with the laws governing ‘dietary supplements’.  The FDA sent a letter with an index of the violations, which can be viewed here ~ http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/ucm229184.htm

Jim Cole, the founder and CEO of Maxam Neutraceutrics was notified that the company had 15 days to respond to the violations.  Jim Cole maintains he responded in 2 days affirming they had every intention of coming into compliance with the labeling, and proceeded to remove all of the client testimonials from the website.  Shortly thereafter the FBI, FDA, and IRS sent their war clad agents in fully armed and took every file, computer, and product on the premises that the company had been working on since 1992.  They essentially stole items that had nothing to do with the violations stated in the warning letter, and showed no common decency by going in like a group of criminals and taking whatever they pleased.  Is this type of action by federal agencies acceptable?

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