A Simple Fix Available for Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?

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As reported at NaturalNews.com, cellular phone towers can disrupt the patterns of bees and essentially make them disoriented, which in turn stops them from feeding or communicating with other bees properly – ultimately killing them. If this is true, and understanding that cell phones will not be leaving us anytime soon – what can we do to help the bees?

Aside from the likelihood of multiple reasons for CCD, or colony collapse disorder, such as parasites and diseases, maybe there is something simple that we can do to help bee populations rebound. This simple something is a Faraday cage. An easy explanation of a Faraday cage can be found at WikiPedia.

This cage, when wrapped around a beehive or integrated into the structure itself, should be able to reduce or completely remove electromagnetic (cellular) radiation within the hive. Also, it can probably be introduced into local bee habitats or shelters, even integrated into our backyard fences. Perhaps through this simple use of copper mesh, we can create habitats for bees to allow them to recover from the devastating decline in their population numbers.

Bees are leaving the planet at an astonishing rate. Some estimates are up to 30% per year are dying. Without bees, we will have a hard time pollinating our plants for food and beauty. Many people are committed to nature and will do whatever it takes to maintain healthy eco-systems in their backyard. Perhaps testing should be done on this possible simple fix for such a complex problem. Doing nothing may leave us in dire straits.

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