Organic Press Releases

Organic Farmer Speaks Out Against USDA GM Alfalfa Decision

Cross-pollination concerns dairy farmer

Uncle Matt’s Announces All Products Now Shipped in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Boxes

Saving over 1800 trees per season.

Excessive Amounts of Lead Found in Reusable Grocery Bags Supplied by Major Retailers, New Testing Shows

A good reason to get locally produced, unprinted organic cotton bags for your shopping trips

Earth to TransFair: Fair Trade is a Movement Not a Brand!

Coalition Forms to Stop Rebranding of TransFair

Amber Glass Jars of EDEN® Organic Tomatoes & Sauces are Welcome News to Food Safety

Eden Foods announces protective amber glass 14 and 25 ounce jars of organic crushed tomatoes and sauces in their line of shelf stable organic tomatoes. They are the only tomatoes in the U.S.A. packed in amber glass, protecting flavor and nutrients from light damage.

Green N Brown Enters the U.S Organic Foods Market

"We are excited about the new line up of products in 2011."

Stonyfield Announces Organic Farmers Grant-a-Wish Program – Yahoo Finance

The Stonyfield Organic Farmers Grant-a-Wish Program will help some of America's most innovative organic farmers bring to life projects they need help funding.

Organic onions, carrots and potatoes do not have higher levels of healthful antioxidants

In the study, Pia Knuthsen and colleagues point out that there are many reasons to pay a premium for organic food products.

Seeds of Change(R) Releases New Organic Seed Varieties

Perfect for the Home Gardener -- Packed With Flavor and Easy to Grow

Asherah’s Gourmet 100% Organic and Gluten Free Vegan Burgers now found in 58 Whole Foods Markets

Asherah created unique and delicious recipes for Vegan Burgers which are free of the most common food allergens.